durham, north carolina (march 29-april 3)

i drove down to my alma mater, converging with quite a number alums who were returning for completely different reasons. as always, the visit was amazing, despite the fact that the ohio weather seemed to follow me there! in addition to catching up with many of my favorite people, i managed to hit all of our favorite food venues (cosmic, locopops, sitar, dillo, refectory, loop, chosun ok, nosh…), and i even got to revisit some of my previous photography roles!

this was a particularly wonderful moment for me– matt campbell carried on the duke photo show that i started my sophomore year, and the gallery opening happened to be while i was at duke. what’s more, matt personally invited richard brodhead, president of duke university, to the opening, and yes, he came to check it out. it was a very delightful thing.

sabrosura showcase: hips of glory

another delightful thing: paul yen called me on greisy’s behalf monday night to ask if i would be the photog for sabro’s showcase on tuesday night. jianghai kindly lent me his 70-200mm lens again, and i snapped away for the night. here’s a sampling!



defining movement’s guest performance

there’s something about the colors.