Talya and Pavle


talya lieberman has a new life plan. and it’s big.

they’ve already been featured by the ny times (freakonomics blog) and will soon be gracing the wall street journal. their song, freddie mac and cheese, is not only timely and witty, but musically rich– and catchy!

talya and pavle. they’re an up-and-coming duo. pavle on guitar, talya with the vocals. i read somewhere that they labeled themselves geek pop. but i’ve gotta say it’s folky, and maybe geeky, way more than ‘pop’.

of course, it’s only fitting that talya would unearth these beautiful vocals from her motley musical background. born to a professional cellist (mother), a bassist and music teacher (father), talya has an outrageous musical resume that includes children’s chorus, lifelong piano lessons, a brief encounter with cello, a year on viola, a fascination with french horn, and even now, graduate studies in trumpet. musical is quite the understatement.

i’m doing my part to get the word out. so check out the new website i made them. it’s still in progress, but it’s a nice start.