Oakland Science Fair


Last night was an interesting experiment in convergences of threads of my life: photography meets teaching meets Duke meets TAF. A couple weeks ago, I brought some of my students to a Dinner with Scientists event hosted by our Oakland Unified School District science department. Of course, while we were there, I was snapping away with my camera. Caleb Cheung, head of TeamScience and organizer of the event, connected with me to get the pictures, and everything worked out so well that he asked me to photograph this week’s event as well– Oakland’s 51st annual science fair.

Adding to the happy coincidences, Dan Garrison, freshly graduated from Duke University, happens to be visiting me this week. And TAF friend Jason Lee (turtlistmedia.com) just arrived in the Bay Area for a very short visit between LA and Vegas. So I had them both come join me at this science fair and check out what the kids of Oakland have been up to.

It was a really cool event set at the Chabot Space & Science Center, and it was wonderful nostalgically reminiscing about our own childhood science fairs back in the day. I asked as many children as I could to lead me to their projects and explain away! Congrats to them and all the people who helped them discover the joys of scientific exploration!

For the full sets of images from both events, visit the gallery at http://gallery.annawu.com/Events.











And a few images from the Dinner with Scientists event a couple weeks ago, also held at the Chabot Space & Science Center.

sci_2113_rtVictoria explores the space module

sci_2116_rtOur 7th graders strike a pose atop the observation deck.

sci_2129_rtDaniel & Daniel at the dinner table as Mr. Klein looks on.



sci_2151_rtAnd the very cool planetarium show, closing the night.