Erica & Robert’s Wedding

Erica and Robert were married on a Saturday in late August in gorgeous wine country around Santa Rosa, California. You might remember Erica & Robert’s engagement session when we got to roam around the entire property at Kunde Estate. We had such a great time, I knew this wedding would be a pleasure to shoot. Sure enough, it was simply beautiful!

We started in the morning with preparations at Erica’s sister’s beautiful house. I loved peeking in on hair and makeup as they occurred simultaneously in the two different rooms. Check the vendor list at the bottom of the post for all the info on all the different elements that went into this wedding.

I definitely took a risk shooting against the super sunny windows, but I actually love how the tiers of the dress were brought out by the backlighting.

I was happy to finally receive my Panasonic LX3 the week before the wedding. I had ordered it back in April, but the stores were out of stock until now. The LX3 looks very unassuming, a little black point-and-shoot with old school stylings, but it’s known amongst professional photographers for its amazing macro capabilities: super sharp images that bring out incredible details in even the smallest things. Just look at the water droplets on Erica’s bouquet! And scroll all the way down to see plenty more detail shots from this wedding. Love it.

A funny moment as Erica scrambles to get her garter on and get out the door!

Mom and sister lace up the corseted dress.

Just a moment of calm in the limo before stepping out into the church to get married!

Beautiful Catholic ceremony with readings by friends.

The priest confers his blessings on the couple.

Married! Love the grin on her face!

Still beaming, the newlyweds retreat out the side door to leave the church and head for the vineyards.

Limo arrives at the Kunde Family Estate.

Erica’s daughter Kristiana looks like she walked straight out of a magazine.

Greeted by the Mariachi band!

Someone had the great forethought to proivde parasols to help keep the guests beautiful in the 100+ degree weather.


Junior bridesmade trying to stay cool!

Erica reacts to Robert’s beautiful toast.

First dance. I can tell these two have been practicing! I love how the camera caught just a bit of movement in Erica’s dress.

Money Dance! This is a pretty awesome wedding tradition. Guests get to pin money on the bride and groom and do a little dance with them.

Plenty of fun ensues. Robert in the background looks like he’s having a good time with his pant leg hitched up with all th