Sierra & Steve


Wow. Are these two not gorgeous!? Sierra and Steve were married last month, and though I wasn’t at the actual wedding, I was so excited to shoot this special session with the two. Steve and I taught at the same school last year, and we also shared a special connection since we grew up in neighboring school districts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sierra is a brilliant artist and photographer in her own right, which made for a really easy shoot, since she had all the instincts of how to pose and where to stand for the best light!

Shooting at the Emeryville Marina right at sunset, with big rocks to climb on and the Bay as the perfect backdrop.

I just love how they look at each other!

Making cool silhouette outlines with their faces

Heading over to the docks. Love the boats in the background and the funky red hydrant thing.

I just love her body language as she pulls him in.

I stood back on the banks and shot this one from way far away using the amazing 70-200 lens (one of my favorites!) I rented from Procamera.

Love this look. You can see Sierra’s suede pink flats peeking out. And Steve’s chucks. What great wedding shoes!

Found a very cool tree to hide under.

Have to give my friend and fellow photog Shang Chen props for inspiring this shot! Check out her work at

Sun is setting! They are beyond adorable, making eyes at each other. And Steve’s hair just wants to fly away!

Love the back of Sierra’s dress.

Stunning blue eyes.

I have so many favorites from this session, but this might be one of my superfavorites. I just love how delicate and intimate it feels.

Again, many many congrats to Sierra & Steve! For even more gorgeous images of the happy couple, see their official wedding photographs on the blog at Brunk Photography.