Alice Tong | San Francisco Headshots Photographer


It comes upon you and envelops you. It’s so warm and rich that you want to pull it around you and curl up in it. I’m not sure how such a sound comes out of her petite frame, but one thing is certain– Alice Tong has a beautifully capitvating voice.

I got ten thousand ways to say I love you and nine thousand times I’ll never tell you.

When I arrived at Alice’s place in San Francisco’s Haight district, her sister was still helping out with makeup. Alice seemed ready to slide out of the chair and begin shooting, but her eyelashes had to be fixed up properly, and Lance and Momo (her two beloved dogs) were still busy scoping out the new stranger.

As we began our shoot, I could see Alice’s personality unfurling; she has an open spirit and a gentle, laid back aura matched with a quirky twist, a sense of humor and such a strong voice with so much to say. Wandering from living room to windowsill to Buena Vista Park, we found amazing shots all along the way.

Check the bottom of the post for more information on Alice’s music and her upcoming gig at Hotel Utah in San Francisco.











Alice Tong’s first album, Small, is a beautiful collection of jazz tunes available on Amazon, Blacklava, and iTunes. Her second album is in the works; it’s a selection of all original compositions set to be released in early 2010.

In the meantime, check out Alice Tong two days before Thanksgiving at Hotel Utah in San Francisco: Tuesday, November 24, 2009, at 8:30 pm.

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