Ernie Ng | San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer


It was during onboarding, the second day of training, that I first noticed you. Stylin in your dark green cardigan & coordinated tie, wearing the orange backpack I’d eventually steal from you, talking it up and already making a name for yourself. We were strangers then, all possibilities still open. We might get to know each other or simply brush by and continue on with our separate lives. I don’t think I could have guessed how closely and comfortably intertwined we would become.

Let’s go somewhere. The sentiment of our weekends. We almost never plan ahead, but sometimes come up with spontaneous mini-adventures. So this time, we drive in to San Francisco, no particular plan except maybe to look for the 49 mile scenic drive. We stop by Japantown first, and I make you join my little photo shoot. You, the boy who’s been accused of ruining all your big family photos because you can’t just smile normally for pictures. But I think the camera loves you. Or maybe just my camera.



Peering through the leaves



And then we race the setting sun to the Pacific Ocean



And just as we’re about to leave, I notice we’ve been sitting next to your favorite number.



Thanks for being here with me on this adventure.