25 by 25

It’s a natural impulse to compile retrospectives and resolutions around New Year’s. We look back on where we’ve been and ambitiously start charting where we want to go.

I almost never make resolutions– afraid I’ll fall far short of my visions of grandeur– but this year, with my 25th birthday rolling in shortly after the juicy-looking “2010.” I felt compelled to generate a modest but fairly ambitious list of things to do by the time I reach that quarter century. 25 things to do by 25.

Unlike most lists of this nature, these are all short-term goals– after all, I have only one week to complete them. My birthday is January 15, but I’m giving myself to the end of the long weekend, since I do share a birthday with the late great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

So let me know if you can help me with any of these things, or if I can help you with your personal undertakings. I will be updating it as I go!

  1. teach someone something (thanks jessica!)
  2. visit an island (treasure island! thanks to wendy, lucy, &  greg)
  3. unveil a new blog/website
  4. explore a place on foot
  5. cook a real meal
  6. get in front of the camera
  7. go on a solo road trip (ok, i changed it to duo road trip with @dangarr)
  8. learn a new song on the guitar (dream)
  9. have something published
  10. take ballet again (danspace)
  11. take a picture a day for a week
  12. write a snail mail letter
  13. have a beauty day (at estee lauder)
  14. assemble a brand new outfit from old clothes
  15. brainstorm a personal mission & vision or a slogan
  16. sell something i don’t need (thanks to mike for buying my berkeley panoramic!)
  17. submit an application to something (the new teacher program)
  18. provide an opportunity for someone else
  19. buy something using only coins ($1.57 for 7 prints at costco!)
  20. read a photography book
  21. get something printed (a photo, a poster, a book)
  22. rediscover archived photos
  23. plan a shoot (planning is underway with amazing floral designer ginger leaf florals!)
  24. send a thank you note
  25. strike up a new partnership (with jason lee of turtlist media!)

And because every blog post is better with a photo, here’s one from the archives. It’s from senior year at Duke, when I was observing the good ballet class. Hidden gem: if you look closely at the second girl from the right, you’ll see her big toe poking through her shoes.ballet_5133_rt