3 Shoots in 3 Cities in 3 Days | Bay Area, Los Angeles Photographer


Miles driven by others: 37
Miles flown: 390
Miles driven by myself: 150
=577 miles traveled, and that’s just today.

Sometimes exhaustion is the most gratifying feeling in the world. In that moment when you finally sit down and have a chance to rest, you can feel the very essence of gravity as it pulls your every muscle down toward the Earth. The soreness in your bones and the slight dizzyness in your head are almost overwhelming, but somehow, none of it is worrisome. Instead, the feelings are reassuring. Because when you’ve put yourself that wholeheartedly and whole-bodily into your work, the tiredness is not a feeling of emptiness and depletion, but your body’s evidence of what you’ve done and what you can do, and it’s all the more encouragement to recharge yourself to do it again.

I couldn’t think of a more gratifying way to close out January 2010.

Before I describe my weekend, I’ll give the disclaimer that this might make my life seem much more glamorous and exciting than it really is. My life is not like this all the time. My bed is often my favorite place to be.  But because I want to remember these adventures, I will capture what I can in a quick summary. Ready? Start.

Friday morning I had a great session with the members of the San Francisco Guitar Quartet. Right after work, I took off for the Oakland airport. After landing in Long Beach (thanks JetBlue!) I was driven back up to Los Angeles by my friend Vince. Saturday was the big film shoot– the reason I flew down– for the “Taiwanese American” 2010 Census Public Service Announcement. We arrived in the Alhambra studio by 7:30 am. Ten hours, several celebrities, an Olympic athlete, and a California State Assemblyman (amongst others) later, we wrapped on shooting, had a celebratory dinner, and eventually called it a day. By the next morning at 9am, I had gone back through Long Beach and arrived back home in Oakland, but only briefly, as I then drove up another 70 miles to Sebastopol for an engagement shoot at an amazingly cute family farm.

You’ll have to come back and visit again to see the fruits of all these labors. But for now, I leave you with this picture:

longbeach-4178Long Beach Airport, the tiniest airport I’ve ever flown through. This one building is the entire terminal, with four airlines from beginning to end. This came in handy when I almost missed my flight but discovered it only takes 5 minutes to get from front door to airplane seat and thus made it with time to spare.

And now, it’s time to sleep.

Good night, world!