Mark Simons, Guitarist | Oakland Headshots Photographer


We met up in Jack London Square, the waterside district of Oakland where century-old warehouses and new businesses coexist, an area in the midst of a transformation to chic before our very eyes . When Mark pulled up and stepped out of his silver sports car, it was clear that he was a man with a distinctive sense of style and an attentive eye for details. It’s not hard to imagine how wonderfully his natural feel for art and love of precision must translate into his musicality and technical skills as a classical guitarist.

We set out for a moody, artsy shoot with album covers in mind. Here are a few of my favorites.




Sometimes there really is nothing better than natural lighting. They call it ‘magic hour’ for a reason!



Thanks for the cool shoot, Mark! Looking forward to a session with Mark’s whole San Francisco Guitar Quartet coming up soon.