Oh Multitasking

I love multitasking. I’m most at peace when I have ten projects going on at once, and I love tracking the logistics of it all. I constantly have too many tabs open in my internet browser and too many programs running on my computer. I love it when my calendar is full and colorful, and I can feel like I’m doling out my energy in multiple exciting ways. Otherwise, I’m always anxious that I’m not doing enough or that I’m letting all this potential slip away.

But really, the key to multitasking is still being able to focus on one task at a time. It’s like the classroom. With ten kids elbowing for attention, it’s likely that none of them will actually get the attention they need. But if we have them raise hands and each gets called on and addressed in an orderly fashion, well, then there’s a chance we’ll get to them all.

There’s been a bit of elbowing this week. With recent photography shoots to edit and new ones to plan, making presentations and daily lesson plans for my day job, and working on Taiwanese American community projects like the Census 2010 campaign and Formosa Betrayed opening this weekend, there’s just a lot going on! So get in line, projects. There’s a lot coming up, but I’m going to get to you all. Just you wait and see!

So to tide you over, here’s a preview of the bridal shoot from this past weekend. To get in on all the sneak peaks, make sure you are my fan! I post my previews there first.


So much more to come. Stay tuned!