Passion Project: | Webdesign


Every so often– more often than not, actually– I get to spend my time working on projects I love. It’s not just a coincidence, but a conscious effort to pursue what I find compelling. And while the idea of pursuing your passions is a common enough sentiment, I think many people perceive it too difficult to actually live this way. For one thing, doing something ‘for the love’ often means doing it for free. But in reality, doing something out of passion will drive you through all of the tedium and the long hours of work much more effectively and rewardingly (yes, I made up that word) than the allure of money ever could.

So take a look at my latest passion project: the brand new face of I created the new look and functionality for the site with the help of many, many generous friends. Read my post from behind the scenes of the revamp: Behind the Scenes: A Word from the Designer. And because I love a good ‘before and after’, here are some screenshots of the website, pre- and post- makeover. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or there.