BAYAC Photography Workshop

On Thursday, I led a photography workshop for my fellow AmeriCorps members. As part of the BAYAC Recovery Team, we all work in after-school programs at different sites across San Francisco and Oakland. For the next couple months, we’re taking turns leading trainings for each other on topics of our choice.  Naturally, I decided to turn my training into a photoshoot expedition!

We started at OASES, the non-profit where I work during the week. I imparted some wisdom, did some demos, and we migrated towards downtown Oakland.

We start with Lizbeth who works at Alliance Middle School in East Oakland.


Elaine is a native San Franciscan who now runs a gardening class for her kids here in Oakland at Glenview Elementary.


Our ringleader, Zoe wrangles us all as the BAYAC Recovery team supervisor.



Stylish and classy! EB was born and raised here in Oakland, and she’s still here giving her love to the community through her work at James Madison Middle School.


Marty is working in San Francisco with America SCORES, a soccer program that serves urban public schools across the country.

Anna (um, gorgeous!) is working at Markham Elementary in East Oakland.


Sam is cool with window bars. He works at Hoover Elementary in Oakland, filling in wherever needed.


Derrick is from the notorious Hunters Point in San Francisco and now serves the kids in West Oakland at Prescott Elementary. Role Model. Capital M.


And last but not least, my favorite: the group picture!

Not mentioned yet are Marlena who works at Sankofa Elementary in Oakland, Jessica who works with me at OASES in Oakland, Ronnie who works at Longfellow Elementary School in San Francisco, and Stephanie who works at Emerson Elementary in Oakland. And six others who weren’t there that day.


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Also, check out BAYAC AmeriCorps to learn more about the work we do.