Candace & Tony’s Castro Valley Shoot | San Francisco Wedding Photographer


It was Friday morning, and everything had been planned for our shoot on Sunday. We would meet in San Francisco at Candace & Tony’s place with our hair & makeup artist we had lined up and a floral designer who would meet us there. Just one problem– rain.

What started as a 30% chance for precipitation had billowed into 90% all day Sunday. So luckily, within a couple of hours, we managed to move the whole shoot a day earlier to a new location for convenience: Lake Chabot in Castro Valley. We had a new hair & makeup artist Penney Do, Courtney, the floral designer, dropped off the bouquets in the morning, and all was set.

We created two looks with three different floral designs for our shoot. Candace had her wedding dress, as well as a shorter cocktail dress, both of which were absolutely stunning.


The florals were provided by Courtney Marie Floral. She drove them all the way up from Santa Cruz to Oakland that morning!


The great thing about the rainy season here is that rainy days and sunny days are often mixed in as if they’ve been shuffled up in a random alternating pattern. Sandwiched between two absolutely dreadful days are sometimes beautiful days, perfect for photos. After it rains, nature turns an amazingly bright green, as if the saturation bar has been rigged in real-life Photoshop. And a big cloudy sky is nature’s giant softbox, providing flawless shadowless lighting. And every so often, the clouds part open for a peak of sunshine that warms the entire place.






Candace and Tony are such a cute couple– warm kind, and loving. They got married recently, and you can tell they’ll glow with happiness together for a long, long time. They’re a couple that loves an adventure in each other’s company, and I think more than anything, they love to laugh together. Not a little smirk, like an ‘oh, haha’ kind of chuckle. No– it’s a wide-open mouth, enthusiastic, creases-in-your-eyes kind of laugh.









Photographer: Anna Wu Photography
Assistant: Mona Quinlan
Floral Design: Courtney Marie Floral
Hair & Makeup: Penney Do
Location: Lake Chabot, Castro Valley, CA