Little Isla | Richmond Family Photographer


I remember our first staff meeting two Autumns ago in that transition from summer to fall, vacation to work. We were checking in with each other, talking about how we felt about starting this new school year with all the teachers old and new. I still remember what Aaron/Mr. Gardner, the 8th grade English teacher/DJ/slam poet, talked about, because he spoke about his baby girl Isla with the glowing revelations of a new father. Life had reorganized itself around her. Priorities shifted to a life constantly driven by love and amazement at all of the beautiful little moments with her. And all of this you could feel, even if he uttered no more than three sentences.

Isla, with her big brown eyes, charmed us all when Tegan brought her to school every once in a while. She’s already grown so much in the last year and has added some great dancing techniques and a huge rambling (not always intelligible) vocabulary to her repertoire of adorable skills. Today, she turns 2 years old! I’m so happy to wish her good birthday wishes with these family photos.

The absolute best part of this whole session was just being able to document the love that this family has for each other. It’s such a thick, gooey love, you can just feel its presence. It’s almost as if you can reach out and touch it right in front of you.

Happy Birthday, little Isla!