Trio Jubilee | Palo Alto Headshots Photographer


Not five minutes into my first conversation with Claudia, the violinist of Trio Jubilee, I discovered she was born in Ann Arbor, grew up in the East Bay, and taught at Duke University as part of the Ciompi Quartet. No way! I was born in Ann Arbor, live in the East Bay now, and went to Duke, where I played violin and thus occasionally hung out with Ciompi Quartet members…

How I love those kinds of conversations, sprinkled with No way, me too! Do you know so and so? Who knew! They make me smile at how intertwined we are without us even knowing.

But I digress. Trio Jubilee is a piano trio with a special interest in performing unusual and lesser known classical music. I photographed them briefly at Sumi’s home in Palo Alto. They were such wonderful people to work with; I just hope to see them actually perform some day, because this is really making me miss my days playing piano and violin and being a part of chamber groups.

Piano trio= violin + piano + cello.


Thomas Shoebotham, cello; Sumi Park, piano; Claudia Bloom, violin.