Gina & David’s Engagement | Cincinnati Engagement Photographer

Summer in Cincinnati really feels like summer. The air is damp with humidity, the temperature already 85 by May. Knowing all this, we set out nice and early at 7am to avoid the heat and take advantage of the delicious early-morning lighting. The one thing I had forgotten about was the mosquitoes. They had a little buffet, leaving 5 or 6 grossly swollen bites on my legs. But it was so completely worth it.

I’ve known Gina since my middle and high school days growing up in Cincinnati. She lived next door to my piano teacher, and her younger siblings Kristin and Steven were my rambunctious little campers at summer camp. We’ve all come a long way since then. Part of me is still shocked that Gina is getting married already, but I’m so honored to be a part of it all. David is a really sweet guy, and the two of them together are just such warm, humble people with a knack for making those around them feel just wonderful.

One final side note before I leave you to the pictures– I’m beginning my business transformation with a whole new infrastructure and rebranding. So as the first visible sign of this transition, I’m trying on new watermarking that I may or may not keep. Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts! More changes are yet to come.

This next photo could use some explanation. Their fellow Kentucky Wildcats might get a kick out of it, as this is the “John Wall dance” which is inexplicably popular. I can’t explain. Just google it if you’d like to know more. These two are adorable doing it though. =)