All You Can Jet!


Sometimes I dream about the jetsetter lifestyle– not only flying to all kinds of places, but actually doing so spontaneously. I could wake up in the morning and think, I’d love to be in New York today,  and voila, be there before sundown!

But really, how many people actually have the flexibility in their time and the access to airplanes to just fly around whenever they feel like it?

Apparently, I DO!!

Yes, after some deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and live the dream, thanks to JetBlue’s All You Can Jet pass. I am free to fly wherever I want between September 7 and October 6. The one big drawback is JetBlue’s very limited selection of destinations (so I can’t just think of being in Paris and end up there, unfortunately.) But I will still be happily flying around, as much as I possibly can, to the places that they do serve. What better way to celebrate not having a 9-5 job?

So this is where you come in, dearest friends and clients: Want to book a session in your city? Help host me in your town? Jump in the fun and help me make the most of my travels!

Tentative schedule below, open to suggestions! (look at September-October):

September 7-9: Los Angeles
September 11: San Francisco Wedding
September 16-19: Chicago to Indianapolis
September 18: Indianapolis Wedding
September 20-22: New York
September 25: San Francisco Wedding
October 1-4: Austin to San Antonio