Seattle & Shang Chen

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If I just concentrate for a moment, I can conjure it all back. The amazing overlooks, late-afternoon blue skies, and the feeling of being in this beautiful city with no obligations– only an open day to explore and spend time with friends. Seattle has a vibe not unlike the Bay Area’s.

Despite its gray reputation for clouds and gloom, Seattle lights up in the summer. By late afternoon, the sun wins over the clouds. If there is a color I associate with summer Seattle, it’s not gray, but green. Trees huddle in the landscape surrounding the water of the Puget sound, providing lush views of nature and city intertwined.

My last day in Seattle I spent with my friend Shang and her friend Emily. Below are some of my images of Seattle and portraits of Shang from our impromptu shoots.

Seattle | Space Needle | sea_0132_rt
Olympic Sculpture Garden:Seattle | Anna Wu Photography | sea_0128_rt
The standard view of Seattle from a little park atop a hill in Queen Anne:Seattle | Anna Wu Photography | sea_0135_rt
Seattle | Shang Chen | Anna Wu Photography | sea_0134b_rt
She’s a Nikon girl, but I still love her. Shang Chen.Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_0121b_rt
Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_9836_rt
Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_0040_rt
Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_0048_rt
Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_0141_rt
Me & Shang looking very coordinated with our brightly colored outfits.Shang Chen | Seattle, WA | sea_0124_rt

I love traveling, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to explore all these different places. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know how excited I am to have bought JetBlue’s All You Can Jet pass, which will allow me to fly to as many places as humanly possible for 30 days.

Follow along with my updated calendar on this previous blog post and catch me in your city. Here’s a summary below:

Los Angeles: 9/7-9

Chicago: 9/15-16
Indianapolis: 17-19
Chicago: 9/19
New York: 9/20-21
Pittsburgh: 9/22
Boston: 9/23

Austin: 10/1
San Antonio: 10/1-3
Austin: 10/4

Los Angeles: 10/21-25

Lexington, KY: 10/29-31