The Shay-Tang Family | Kirk in the Hills, Michigan | Lifestyle Photographer

When I arrived, the house was buzzing with preparations for Lily’s big day. This was the day she would be introduced to solid food. But you have to think of solid as a flexible term. Solid like… soupy rice pudding. But food that’s not in a bottle is a big deal! We were all making exaggerated OM NOM NOM motions with our mouths, and I stood by with flip cam as we eagerly awaited Lily’s reaction to the spoon in her mouth and the food dribbling down her chin. She was a trooper, and later would be rewarded with bathtime (her favorite) and an actual bottle of milk.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_016b_bw

The next morning, we did a spontaneous photoshoot with Lily in her adorable polka dot outfit, in which she later made a huge poop.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_040b_rt
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_081_rt

Later, we headed to Kirk in the Hills, an amazing home-turned-church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_137_rt

While Lily is the star of her own show at home, and her 5-month birthday was something to celebrate, this was actually the main reason I drove over to Michigan for this shoot:

FOUR generations of Shay women.

In relation to Lily, we have Grandma, Great-Grandma (flew in from Taiwan), Aunt Patty (flew in from Arizona), Mommy Christine, and of course, baby Lily.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_165_rt

Mommy & Lily
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_156_rt

With grandma and with daddy.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_209b_rt

The whole family.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_261_rt

Then an outfit change, and we took it inside, out of the 95-degree weather. I loved the window lighting in this hallway and the arches in the background.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_311_rt

Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_305_rt

One more with the whole Shay-Tang family.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_308_rt

Patty and Lily.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_347_rt

And finally, I absolutely love this portrait of Christine & Patty’s grandmother, age 87. Still young, I say.
Shay-Tang Family Portraits | tang_336b_rt

Thank you so much, Christine, for inviting me to Michigan to stay with your family and to capture these portraits! I had a wonderful time and would love to come by again and again as Lily grows up! Hope your family enjoys these images for years to come.