Boston | 60 Days of Jetting


I lean back, elbows propped up on my chair. Isn’t this ridiculous? I mean it in the best way possible. It’s Thursday afternoon. The weather is impeccable.  To the right, we’re surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of Boston Harbor. Ahead, the Boston skyline looms large. And we’re just having a casual conversation on this roof deck with a view, me sitting back in slight disbelief as Tony as he eats his calamari salad.

And this is was just my layover. At 2pm, I was on my plane from Pittsburgh. By 7pm, I was taking off for San Francisco. But we took advantage of those five hours in between. All of these photos were taken with my LX3 point and shoot.

Right off the bus, I was greeted by the Boston skyline.

I met up with Tony here at the ICA, the Institute of Contemporary Art. Tony is my boyfriend’s best friend, and he’s an architecture grad from Harvard. The ICA is an obvious choice of destinations!

Calamari salad and airplane lines in the sky over the water.

So that was six states in five days– Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Pittsburgh, Boston, and back to San Francisco.

Still to come in the next 30 days are Austin, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Lexington– with a few Bay Area weddings in between. Follow along and consider booking a session in your city with my calendar here as I complete my 60 days of jetting.

I am so thankful to be able to travel and am especially thankful to the friends who have made my experiences so amazing along the way. Thank you ALL so much!