Hilary & Gabe | Tomales Bay Homemade Wedding

Their friends and family gathered in the beautiful park, and they sat surrounded by trees overlooking serene blue waters. Hilary glowed in the sunshine, her dress understated and romantic, and she stood with her groom, relaxed, smiling. Together they walked down the aisle and stood beneath the chuppah, a simple wedding canopy with gauze for a roof and four sticks for supports, held only by their friends.

The chuppah does not promise that love or hope or pledges will keep out weather or catastrophe. The flimsiness of the chuppah is a reminder that the only thing that is real about the home is the people in it, who choose to be together, to be a family.

Their ceremony was intimate, personal, and meaningful, nothing taken from the routine wedding script. The simple majesty of the location and the earnestness of the occasion brought every one of their guests into a sense of something larger. A feeling of timelessness and peace, and a sense of connection to life.

Hilary and Gabe, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. The ceremony really resonated with me, and the sun-kissed day with all its homemade details could not have been more perfect.


They are such a good looking couple!

Hilary and Gabe get ready to walk down the aisle together.

Her dress! Her hair! Her smile! Love.

Gabe and Hilary walked down the aisle together as their friend and officiant played and sang a song.

Besides the chuppah, the one other tradition they incorporated for Gabe’s Jewish heritage was the breaking of the glass, as everyone shouted Mazel Tov!

I love the sheer happiness in this moment after being declared husband and wife.

This boy looks very charming with his game of cricket, and of course Gabe is looking very handsome as well.

All of the tables were decorated with diy details. baskets of apples served as centerpieces, and all the drinking glasses were these wonderful mason jars with handles.

I can’t resist adorable children at weddings.

Another wonderful homemade touch: homebrew beers!

Gabe also has a tradition of baking pies with his group of friends each year. So in lieu of a wedding cake– pumpkin and apple pies!

Gabe’s mother made this wonderful guest book for them, filled with childhood photos and various adventures they’ve been on together.

This day could not have been more perfect, but Gabe promises Hilary, this is not the best day of their lives.

I don’t think the light could have possibly been more beautiful this whole day. Congratulations again to you both! I know you will have such wonderful lives filled with love and adventure. It’s such a privilege to be inspired by the weddings I get to be a part of!

Venue: Tomales Bay State Park
Makeup: Audrey Crandell, Outer Beauty, Petaluma, California
Hair: Ashley Allred, Muse Hairdressing, Petaluma, California
Dress: Saja
Flowers: Local Flora, San Anselmo, California
Coordinators: Doug Berger and Georgine Yorgey, friends of the couple
Officiant: Kevin Bundy, friend of the couple
Catering: Alta Cuisine, Novato, California
Musicians: Victor and Margaret, Bluegrass Duo
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography