New York City | 60 Days of Jetting


Six states in five days. I had my reservations about the whole undertaking. What if it turned out to be exhausting? Would I end up wasting all my time in airports and on airplanes?  Maybe i’d just get tired of trying to pack too many people and places into such a short amount of time.

It was halfway through my trip (having passed through Chicago and Indianapolis already) in New York that I realized– actuall y, none of this seemed too unusual. It didn’t feel hectic. My transitions between cities were seamless. If anything, the more I traveled, the less it felt like traveling.

Every time I come to New York I get to see a slightly different view of it. This entire trip was more about spending time with people than about seeing places or doing things.  And as I spent time with my various friends in various places, I started to get a sense of what it might be like to live in each one of the cities. I had the sneaking suspicion that I could build my life in any one of those places too.

Life in New York City– the first day when I saw Michelle’s courtyard at her apartment building, I knew I was in love. Tucked away in Midtown, a beautiful little piece of serenity.

Gorgeous light streaming through the archways. I had to use this space for Talya’s photo shoot the next day. More on that to come.

On day one with friends at an adorable cafe in Union Square, where we chatted for a while with actress Michelle Krusiec.

On day two, Talya and I met up with Paul at the Corner Bistro, my boyfriend’s favorite burger in the whole wide world. Love this photo Paul took.

And the beautiful multitalented Talya. More on her portrait session to come!

Thank you, New York. It’s been lovely every time. I’ll be back for a whole new adventure over Thanksgiving!

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