Pittsburgh | 60 Days of Jetting


Amanda grabbed the top handle and I grabbed the side handle as we walked up the staircase, my suitcase dangling diagonally between us. Awaiting us at the top of the stairs was her very adorable, very cozy house. Inside, a mix of old and new. Shelves of medical books and rows of old records. I was loving the eclectic mix already.

That night and everywhere we went in Pittsburgh, I was met with a touch of the unexpected. Our first destination was Taiwanese food at a little cafe just a few blocks away. We saw the gigantic historic mansions that lined one street while modest old homes sat on the next. The thing that topped it all off was dinosaurs in the library.

It was a really short trip, less than 20 hours, but Pittsburgh charmed its way through in double time.

Amanda was kind enough to host me even though she had some major tests to be studying for. Life as a med school student!

They had stacks and stacks of records, many of them free from Jerry’s Records at the end of their block. We didn’t have time to actually play with the record player, but it sure looks beautiful.

The greenery and the colorful lanterns are very Amanda-ish.

In the morning, we made a quick 30-minute tour of Pittsburgh. First, the botanical gardens.

Then the University of Pittsburgh campus. This is the Cathedral of Learning, and inside, they have nation-themed classrooms.

Finally, the Carnegie Library, which is where…

…there are dinosaurs tucked inside. You can see them in between the library stacks! Actually, the dinosaurs are in the museum, which just happens to be attached to the library and the concert hall, all in the name of Carnegie, one very, very rich fellow.

Thanks again for hosting, A-Way! ‘Til next time.

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