The Full Remodel | Brand New Website!

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A revamp had been brewing in my mind, but I didn’t just want to redecorate or throw down a new paint color. I wanted the full remodel– new cabinets, tiled backsplash, and everything. I’m talking about my website, of course. It was time for a structural overhaul, not just a new blog theme.

The key to my new website architecture was a newly integrated blog and website. Instead of having a website that is never updated, I wanted my blog and website to work together. Redundant pages between the two sites would be eliminated, and instead of a boring landing page, the front page would be a dynamic site, always feeding in new content from all different parts of the website.

It’s not completely perfected yet, but it’s time I released it into the world. Here’s where you come in!

Be my beta tester and poke around to see what you can find. And please, please, please, leave some love! Comment below! Tell me what you think!

Ok, let’s get a little techy. Here are a few of the key features:

  • blog and website are fully integrated into one (portfolio is no longer isolated; no unnecessary landing page).
  • dynamic home page always has new content.
  • contact link pulls down from any page without interrupting the page you’re viewing.
  • featured gallery rotates through images from recent blog posts.
  • photos link to the portfolios, which are also dynamically updated.
  • full blog features section showcases recent wedding and portrait posts on the blog.
  • bottom section provides visual navigation buttons to various parts of the site.
  • three social media bubbles contain in the latest information from facebook, twitter, and yelp.
  • comment forms pull down on the post pages without taking you to a new page.
  • facebook “like” buttons are integrated with each post.

And finally, even more techy information and many shoutouts!

My wonderful brother Albert helped me to build the ajaxed contact form and integrate the facebook “like” button.
Other than that, I custom coded everything else! It’s all built on the wordpress platform, modified from the Arras theme.
Dan Garrison helped immensely with the information architecture and user interface.
Paul Yen helped tweak my logo to its new, sleek form.
Wil Chung was around to help with my last minute bug fixes, as always!

Don’t forget. Leave a comment to welcome my new website into the world!