Margaret & Eric’s Wedding | Argonaut Hotel | San Francisco Wedding

All of the chairs with their matching white covers and navy blue sashes were placed in perfect rows. It was a simple, elegant arrangement set in the shade of the brick building, just slightly tucked aside from the chaos of Fisherman’s Wharf– tourist central, San Francisco.

Throughout the day, Margaret and Eric were the calm in the chaos. The hotel didn’t have the bridal suite ready for two hours, so Margaret just went with the flow of the day, getting ready with hair and makeup simultaneously in under half an hour. She never needed the pomp and circumstance of the wedding day, and somehow, she laughed, this feels more like my wedding day, having things happen last-minute with no pretention or need for perfection.

Tourists walked by ogling them all day, one family stopped to take photos with them on the cable car, and a homeless man even joined in the cocktail party, picking up hors d’oeuvres as he walked by. But through it all, they were unfazed, just  laughing, smiling, and anchoring each other in their love. Somehow, the day was all the better for it.

Eric’s cousin Leslie of Lilly and Louise did an amazing job with all of their wedding stationery.

Eric and his dad and brother get ready in one room, as captured by my second shooter Christopher.

And Margaret gets ready in the bridal suite.

A moment of waiting in each of their rooms before the first look.

Christopher’s view of the first look.

And my view as they check each other out.

Margaret’s vows

I love that we had a lot of time set aside for plenty of bride & groom portraits. I loved them all so much, I just had to show a bunch.

Of course– the San Francisco classic, the cable cars.

And then it was ceremony time.

Margaret walked down the steps and up the aisle with her mom and dad.

And after a few minutes, they were married!


And I love that we just tucked behind this vine, where you wouldn’t even know that we were still standing on an incredibly busy sidewalk overrun by tourists.

And finally, a sweet moment in their first dance.

Thank you Margaret & Eric for having me as your photographer! After a while, I had to put down the camera and join in as a friend on the dance floor.


Venue & Catering: Argonaut Hotel, San Francisco
Wedding stationery: Lilly & Louise
Dress: Sarah Danielle Destinations Collection
Flowers: DIY, flowers from Greenworks, San Francisco
DJ: DJ Vadim from DJ Jeremy Productions
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography, assisted by Christopher Mackessy