60 Days of Jetting | A Recap


It already seems so distant, that feeling of jetting day to day. Over the course of sixty days I flew across the country, traveling for work and (mostly) for fun. For the first thirty days, I had a JetBlue All You Can Jet pass, which allowed me to fly as much as I wanted, wherever I wanted. And over the next 30 days, I continued flying for weddings.

Remarkably, it never felt rushed or stressful. At one point, I hit six states in five days, and there were times when things went awry, but for the most part, my travels were calming. I sunk myself into my surroundings, getting a sense of life in each place, trying not to feel too much like a tourist. It was a bit surreal how seamlessly each space blended into the next, creating this flow of locations that I experienced, one after the next. I often saw repeat groups of friends in different cities, at mutual friends’ weddings as I traveled. All of a sudden, I wasn’t limited by geographic location or by days of the week. I was flying all over the place, happily oblivious to the 9-5 world.

My 60 Days of Jetting may be up for now, but I’m already looking forward to my next trip to New York for Thanksgiving, and I’m already plotting the ways I can come back to the amazing jetsetter’s life I’ve stumbled upon.

Until then, here’s the roundup– 10 cities in my 60 days of jetting. Click to view each full post.

  1. Los Angeles, California
  2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. New York, New York
  5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. San Antonio, Texas
  8. Aliso Viejo, California
  9. Cincinnati, Ohio
  10. Lexington, Kentucky

Just looking at this picture makes me miss JetBlue– their signature blue chips. Yes, they are naturally blue potatoes. And quite delicious, I might add.