Aliso Viejo | 60 Days of Jetting

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We were running around Los Angeles a couple days before Jenny & Kevin’s wedding, a group of 10 to 20 friends in town for the wedding, and it was all shopping, hanging out, and most importantly– eating. All you can eat Korean barbecue, fish tacos, more fish tacos, Taiwanese homestyle meals, and Yogurtland. And that was just Thursday night to Friday.

On Friday night, our videography team headed down to Aliso Viejo, about 90 minutes to an hour south of LA, to get ready for the wedding the next day. We awoke to gray skies and wet concrete. If we hadn’t been monitoring the weather forecast, I probably would’ve been surprised to find Orange County wasn’t the permanently sunny place that Katy Perry obnoxiously sings about. This was Orange County! Land of sunshine and beaches!

But of course, we were undeterred by the clouds. We laughed and celebrated, and we ate. We even headed back up to LA for boiling crab at Jenny & Kev’s place the next day. But all in all, a wonderful wedding weekend. More on the wedding is still to come!

This concludes my 60 Days of Jetting! A roundup post with all the cities and the photos will be coming soon.