Cincinnati | 60 Days of Jetting

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I had forgotten what autumn in the Midwest feels like, the temperature swinging from freezing at night to cool and crisp during the day. Here I was, back in Cincinnati for just a couple days before heading down to shoot a wedding in Kentucky.

I was thinking back to how reluctant I had been to move here. At the age of eleven I was convinced my world was coming to an end. Leave Michigan? And move to Ohio? I would rather melt into a puddle and seep into the crevices of the floorboards. Anything so I could just stay. I lacked perspective, sure. But at the time, I couldn’t have been more certain about the direness of my situation.

Of course, then we moved. And life went on.

Life’s hurdles have only gotten bigger, the need for resiliency stronger. But it’s all had a funny way of working out in the end.

We’re at the tail end of my 60 Days of Jetting adventures. Stay tuned for a couple more cities and a recap post soon.