Winter Spirit

I drove through thunder and lightning the other day, braving my way through the chaos of downtown San Francisco to go buy a coat. The temperatures have begun to decline, and though it’s still warm relative to much of the country, the nights have chilled enough to bring out the sweaters and scarves, and yes, it even warrants a real winter jacket at times. There’s something wonderful about warming up from the cold outside, hiding in and making yourself cozy. So while there may not be snow and freezing temperatures, the spirit of winter and the approaching holiday season is still here.

While I was home in Ohio, I discovered (or rediscovered, I should say) a set of 16 Christmas-themed cookie cutters, and I decided to bring them back to California with me. On Sunday, my friend Dan came over to help me test out these cookie cutters and make a bunch of sugar cookies. At first, the dough crumbled and we also had butter flying across the kitchen one point, but we eventually figured it out. The end results tasted like sheer childhood joy. Delicious!

Yum! On the right, cookies almost finished baking in the oven.