Diana F+ | Lomography | Adventures in Film

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Have you met the Diana F+ and entered the giveaway? Now it’s time to see the camera in action. When you’ve become accustomed to technically perfect dSLRs, it’s both difficult and exciting to shoot film and not know what you’re going to get. So here they are– some frames and a glimpse behind the scenes with us on Talya’s Lincoln Center lifestyle shoot. I know these aren’t the most technically stellar images, so don’t judge! I’m putting these out there as they are and sharing some lessons learned as well.

Lesson 1: What you see is not what you get. Looking through the viewfinder gives you a much wider frame of view than what actually gets captured when you crop the film to 16 frames. Hence so many photos with all the heads cut off. After a while it looks intentional though.

Lesson 2: Accidents are happy. Forget to advance your film? You end up with great double exposures. Perhaps I should’ve done more of those intentionally. With how underexposed everything was, the double exposures came out better than everything else!

Lesson 3: Embrace imperfection. This is a good exercise for control freaks. It’s rather liberating to just have no expectations and accept whatever you get or don’t get.

And now for some great behind the scenes captures by Yifan (some of the above images are by her as well!). I’ll admit it’s still kind of reassuring to go back to the smooth, crisp beauty of these Canon 5D images.

Hiding my Shootsac under my coat! And peeking at Yifan through the glass.

How many of us even remember how to load film? I’m kind of glad I just got that part right.

Talya looks gorrgeous, yeah? Check out the digital images from our shoot here: Talya Lieberman, Vocalist | Lincoln Center.

So you’ve seen my first attempt with the Diana F+. Now that I’ve learned a couple things from the trial run, I plan to take her for another spin before I give her away. But I’m sure you can do even better with the camera! If you haven’t already, go enter here for my free giveaway.