Seaglass Cinema | World Premiere

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Back in August, Seaglass Cinema was just an idea. We wanted to take a cinematic approach to capturing weddings and create ‘real life movies’. Our idea spun very quickly from possibility into reality, and just a couple weeks later, we gathered an arsenal of DSLRs and lenses and shot our first wedding in Indianapolis. Now, months later, after much editing and polishing, we are finally ready to reveal our world debut piece– a short highlights film from Erin & Nick’s gorgeous Indianapolis Roof Ballroom wedding. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Erin & Nick | 09.18.10 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

About the video:

They met in law school. Erin has the biggest heart for animals and people alike, and Nick simply loves Erin. They were married on a gorgeous day in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their venue, the Indiana Roof Ballroom was absolutely stunning, and the entire day was filled with laughter and simple gestures of love. This video was shot by Steve Wang and Anna Wu, and we were assisted by Jon Lee. It was edited by Steve Wang. Also, many thanks go to Kina Grannis for allowing us to use her song “Valentine.”

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Indiana Roof Ballroom, Indianapolis, Indiana
Planner: Darcie, Circle City Planners, Carmel, Indiana
Photographer: Anna Lee Photography,
DJ: FMX DJ Brian, 317.223.9717
Cake: Sugar Mamas, Mooresville, Indiana
Transportation: DPS Charter, Indianapolis, Indiana
Flowers: Thistle and Moss, Indianapolis, Indiana

What is Seaglass Cinema?

Seaglass Cinema is a videography team specializing in weddings. We take a cinematic approach to capturing the moments and the stories of a wedding day. We’ve left the era of boring wedding videos where you leave a big videocamera on a tripod to simply capture 10 hours of uninterrupted footage that no one will watch again. We shoot with an editorial eye and create a tightly woven visual story, or as we like to call it, a “real life movie.” The core members of our team are Anna Wu, Steve Wang, and Kevin Yau. We all worked together on the media team at a summer camp in the Midwest, which is what inspired our leap together into wedding videography.

Why videography?

Most of you probably know me, Anna, from my still photography work at Anna Wu Photography. In some ways videography may seem like a natural extension of my photography work. But the skill sets involved in photography and videography are perhaps more divergent than you might expect. Great photographers often make for terrible videographers, and vice versa. I could talk a lot about how the two are and aren’t technically related, but we were also thinking about the bigger picture. In this digital age, the wedding photography market is easily oversaturated. We see videography as more of a developing market. It is becoming easier and easier to shoot video, just as it is to shoot photo, but there is still a slightly higher learning curve to videography, especially in shooting the way we do. It also requires a team and more gear, and definitely more effort in post-production. So we thought to ourselves, we have the amazing team of friends, the technical inclination, and the imagination. Videography is only going to become more and more salient, and we really believe we can contribute meaningfully to this medium!

Why “Seaglass”?

Sea glass is old glass that is polished and tumbled by the ocean. We love the notion of rough edges made smooth. It’s something that seems effortlessly pretty, and it’s not totally perfect, but it’s raw and beautiful.

Are you available?

Absolutely. We would love the opportunity to capture your wedding. We are very, very affordable, with commissions starting around $1000. If you are interested in learning more, please email us directly at seaglasscinema[at]gmail[dot]com for more information.

What’s next?

We are working on our website, which will be (Yes, we know it is ugly right now). You can “like” us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. We still need to do some graphic design and create a logo (if anyone out there would like to help us!). We are also editing our second project, Jenny & Kevin’s Aliso Viejo wedding. But mainly, we are eager to expand our portfolio and to book more weddings! Again, please email us if you are interested or want to help us out: seaglasscinema[at]gmail[dot]com.