A Tiny Tree | Happy Holidays!

All is quiet but for the Bulls and Knicks on the television. It’s a cloudy gray day, the temperature holding steady in the 50s, not a chance of snow anywhere in sight. It’s Christmas day in San Francisco. Christmas in California doesn’t really feel as festive as Christmas in a wintry wonderland, but this week has been filled with homemade apple pie, holiday shaped cookies, and the tiniest little tree you ever did see. We even decked it out with glittery foam ornaments we made, kindergarten arts-and-crafts style. We might not be buried in snow and giant presents, but those aren’t things that count the most anyway.

Meet our adorable tree! And my very round penguin.

Ernie’s candy cane bear looks ready for a hug.

And delicious holiday cookies, waiting to be eaten!

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season wherever you are!