Zaha & Magdy | Pakistani Egyptian Wedding | San Jose Country Club


Magdy’s slightly mischievous laugh counterbalances Zaha’s reserved demeanor. We walk out to the golf course, led by the sinking sun.  Zaha looks beautiful no matter the outfit– Pakistani dress or white wedding gown. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon or a more compelling sunset as the backdrop to the event. 300 friends and family members gathered to celebrate their union.

Loyal blogstalkers may remember Zaha and Magdy from their beautiful backyard wedding ceremony this past September. Following the Muslim nikah ceremony, they were wed in Egypt in a full blown celebration. And of course, back in California, they decided to throw one more great party.

The detail on Zaha’s Pakistani dress is stunning, though it’s a test of endurance to wear, since all the beadwork makes it extraordinarily heavy.

Magdy laughs as I catch him holding Zaha’s bouquet for her.

I loved this tree with its winding branches.

The staff at the San Jose Country Club did a beautiful job setting up the room.

On the left, a lovely white on white cake by La Patisserie photographed by my assistant Jeffrey Kuo, and on the right, a beautiful long stemmed vase. All of the florals were done by Zaha’s mother just like last time at the backyard ceremony.

As the sun went down, Zaha’s father led the guests in evening prayers.

Zaha and Magdy were announced to the room, first in Zaha’s Pakistani outfit.

Zaha’s mother gave a beautiful, warm welcome speech for both Magdy’s and her friends present that evening. Afterwards, a kiss for her daughter.

They begin with an Egyptian tradition of sharbat, where the bride and groom offer each other sips of rosewater before it is served to all the guests.

Next, they share a Pakistani tradition where they bride and groom glance at each other in a mirror. My view:

And Jeff’s view:

Love the henna on Zaha’s hands and her dozens of golden bangles.

Outfit change, Zaha gets back in her Egyptian wedding gown. While some Egyptian brides wear traditional gowns, most wear contemporary white gowns.

The bride and groom are re-announced to their guests.

The night wraps with exuberant dancing led by the Egyptian men.

Love this genuine laugh captured by Jeff!


Venue: San Jose Country Club, San Jose, California
Florals: DIY by bride’s mother
Catering: Mehran Restaurant and Catering, Newark, California
Cake: La Patisserie, Cupertino, California
Pianist: Steve Czarneki, Mark Russo & the Classy Cats Band
Sound System: Elite Entertainment, San Jose, California
Videographer: Jose, Eclipse Productions, San Jose, California
Photographer: Anna Wu Photography, assisted by Jeffrey Kuo

Now for some behind the scenes fun! I don’t know what I’m laughing at, but here I am with Fouzi, Zaha’s cousin and a great guy.

Look at all these amazing colors! We shot a lot of group portraits at this event, as all the friends and family members cycled through for a photograph with the bride and groom.

Finally, a shot with the bride and groom at the end of the night.

Thank you for inviting me back to photograph your special event! What a wonderful way to close out my 2010 wedding season.