A Single Snow Day


I have fond memories of growing up in Michigan and looking out at the deck to see the feet of snow that piled on top of our picnic table outdoors to form a giant snow cake. Here in San Francisco we’re never really graced with such winter wonderlands. But it’s just as well, because I can only imagine the disasters that would ensue if our hills iced over.

Instead, we have the wonderful luxury of elective winters. We can decide for any day to be a snow day by driving a couple hours northeast and heading up the mountains to Tahoe, land of immensely tall evergreens and beautiful ski slopes. We enjoy our wintertime fun and return afterwards to the mild 50-degree weather of the Bay.

Last week, Ernie, our friend Jiongyi, and I headed up to Tahoe just for the day. We left before 6AM, so I slept in the back seat of my car as Ernie did all of the driving.

Vacations to Tahoe can get expensive, but Ernie found a great deal on snowboarding– $35 for lessons and rental– and we saved a lot by packing our own lunches and not staying for the night.

After some time in the snow, it was back to being warm in the lodge!

I suppose it’s just a case of grass-is-greener envy when I hear of snowstorms and wish we had a bit of that here, because I’m sure they wish they didn’t. But it’s nice to have it for a day.