Inspiration | Pyramid Lake, Castaic, California


The drive down I-5 from San Francisco down to Los Angeles is extremely boring for four of the six hours. Flat lands, straight two-lane highway, and the only somewhat interesting thing is the occasional semi-truck obstacle course or the not-so-pleasant odors of the industrial-sized cow farms.

It isn’t until around hour 5 that you hit the Grapevine and climb into the mountains. And just as you descend back out of the hills, you round a corner and a lake comes into view. Pyramid Lake. It’s tucked away so unexpectedly– a paradisaical little oasis– just an hour outside of sprawling, traffic-ridden Los Angeles.

In a hurry to get to LA, I didn’t stop there the first time, and I immediately regretted it. But I took the time to stop, absorb some sunlight, and snap a few photos upon my return.

Inspiration often comes from the unexpected. It’s extraordinary beauty tucked away in the mundane. It’s there to be found with the most basic of cliches, when you know to stop and smell the roses.

Inspiration is incredibly important; perhaps doubly so for those of us in the creative sector. Inspiration is sought, inspiration is found, and inspiration is definitely meant to be shared. So I will be starting this “Inspiration” blog series with whatever I come across, and I encourage you all to send your inspirations my way too.

Also, if you’re at all curious about Pyramid Lake, it’s a man-made reservoir, built as part of the California Aqueduct in 1973. That explains why the water seems so out of place, but it doesn’t make it any less gorgeous.