Neon Museum | Las Vegas, Nevada


A week ago Mayline sent this to our inboxes:

Who: Interested in design, typography, or vintage pieces of Americana? Love taking epic photos with unique, gigantic props? This looks like it will be right up your alley.
What: The Neon Museum houses old neon signs from the Las Vegas strip, and the guided tour gives you details on when/how/why the signs were crafted.

Yes! I responded within five seconds to claim my spot.

So on Friday afternoon, we went in a group of 23 to visit “The Boneyard,” a big parking lot filled with retired neon signs. Our tourguide was awesome and taught us more about these sparkling (or scintillating– an actual technical term) pieces of Vegas history than we ever knew possible. Admittedly, I was more preoccupied with running around taking pictures than paying attention though.

Mayline looks on with her Canon 5D… one of many in our group.

Tiffany, Michelle, and Jessica. Love the light streaming through.

On the left, the Moulin Rouge sign creatively refashioned to say “in love.” And Kelly looking stylish on the right.

Vince, Harmony, and Andrew with Serena peeking through.


Jackpot! Ming!

One for the boyfriend back in New York.

And one for me.

E for Eric, and Vince at the end of the tour.

And the whole group.

Finally, back in the Planet Hollywood Towers suite that night…

And that’s just our Friday in Vegas. Stay tuned for more from our Red Rock outing!

Visit the Neon Museum yourself the next time you’re in Vegas. It’s a $15 donation to their nonprofit and you have to sign a non-commercial photography waiver but it’s tons of fun!