Part 2: Lighting & Composition | Workshops

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I am halfway through teaching my workshop series for beginner photographers. Part 1 was titled Photography Foundations, and it was all about the technical side of photography– aperture, shutter, exposure, and all the goodies. Part 2 was this past month (January) and we covered all sorts of goodies about composition (rule of thirds, balancing voids) and lighting (angles, common lighting situations).

All of the images below were taken by my assistants and participants. It’s great to see a fresh perspective through someone else’s lens!

I strike such awkward poses while speaking… the first few images are by Artie.

Some great shoot-outs happening with the participants

And they assist each other too

Kelly checks her settings– the next few images are by Justin.

Jiongyi shoots the fountain, testing his compositional rules.

Jing shows off her Pentax, while I help Vilma in the background.

The last few images are by Eugene. This is an example of composition that’s rather off, in case you were wondering!

Justin and Jiongyi confer in the hallway about the mixed lighting situation…

While Vilma and Jing confer just outside.

And then we all check out the images, as I throw my feedback in too.

A million thank yous to my awesome workshop participants! You all are the best.

Want to join us for the next workshop? Part 3 will be about culling & editing– how do you pare down those 5000 digital images you’ve now accumulated and decide the great from the good? What are some of my post-processing best practices as I do rough edits to make my photographs shine? Register for workshops here at See you February 13!