Photography Foundations | Workshops


Happy New Year!

Last month, on a gray drizzly day, we had a wonderful little group of photographers gather for the first Photography Foundations workshop. We talked about aperture and exposure and all kinds of technical goodness that captures light and turns it into photographs. Then all of the participants got to test out the theory on their own dSLRs in our hands-on stations. Below are a couple images from our first class. If you’re interested in photography or have a brand new dSLR from the holidays, please visit to sign up for the monthly classes coming up!

Many thanks to my friends Artie and Eugene for helping run the hands-on workshop stations. Here, Artie shows Cindy and Chris shutter speed in action.

Cindy tests out depth of field at my Coca Cola station.

Eugene talks Luis, Kelly, and T.K. through ISO and exposure.

The next workshop is in one week on Saturday, January 8! I will be teaching composition and lighting principles. Visit to read more and register online.