The City | San Francisco

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Tourists may attempt to call it “Frisco” but locals often refer to it simply as “the city,” despite all the patronizing scoffs from New Yorkers. San Francisco is the city of the Bay Area, overlooking Oakland to the East and San Jose to the South. San Francisco has now been my home for half a year. And while I still miss Oakland and my beautiful downtown view, I’m beginning to test my surroundings here and practicing my warm-city-embrace to see if I can call “the city” my city.

I love this first image because it reminds me of my photographs of New York City in my post “A Softer New York.” It’s the view from across the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito.

On a random day, the sunset in my backyard. Yes, those are circus tents. They happened to set up Cavalia, an equestrian circus, right next to my building.

When my friend Tori visited me last week, I decided to drive us up to Twin Peaks for a relatively clear view over the city. Click to view the panorama in a larger size. The image is stitched together from four images using Photoshop’s amazing built-in capabilities.

I’ve long been a fan of touristing in your own backyard, or really, just looking and seeing your surroundings with a new perspective every so often. I still feel like I’m settling in to San Francisco, but I think seeing my city through the lens in these different ways definitely helps me to embrace it in my own little way.