Part 3: Culling & Editing | Workshops


Just wanted to share a couple images from our last workshop here in Mission Bay, San Francisco. This one was all about culling and editing, and we started with an exercise in narrowing down images to tell the story of a day– what I do as a wedding photographer for every single wedding I blog! I printed proofs from Connie & Tony’s recent wedding, and the participants first had to choose five images from their own small set of photos, and then they had to all come together and choose five as a group. The rest of the workshop was spent charging through some basic Lightroom & Photoshop workflows on the computer. All in all, we crammed a lot into those two short hours!

The next workshop is a live shoot on March 6, 2011. My good friend Henry M.Chu will be modeling, but I’d be happy to have a couple more volunteers! 1-3pm next Sunday.

Images below were taken by Artie Moffa.

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