Part 4: Live Shoot | Workshops

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Earlier this month, I taught the final workshop of our four-part series. It was a live portrait shoot with two wonderful models, Henry M. Chu and Shannon. We were rained in and spent most of the session in a loading dock, but with all the awesome participants, I think it turned out just fine.

First, some of my images from the shoot. Then some glimpses behind the scenes, and finally, some great participant photos as well.

I loved the diffuse lighting coming in through the garage door grating. It provided beautiful “window lighting” conditions. We learned how to best position ourselves and our models to get the best side and front portrait lighting.

Henry M. Chu poses with his EQ Unit Chicago bag.

And Shannon strikes some poses with our gridded garage door.

Just for fun, they pretended to be a couple as well.

Now for some behind the scenes images. The first two are from me.

Photo of Jing, Justin, and me by Vilma Milan.

Photo below by Jing Jin.

Left side by Vilma, right side by Justin Rose.

Photo below by Jing

Left side by Justin, right side by Vilma.

Photo by Jing

One last image from Justin.

Thank you again to all of the participants and our models for a great final workshop! Part 4 was unanimously the favorite workshop of the series.¬†No new workshops have been scheduled as of yet, but you’ll see them here when the time comes!