Evelia & Joseph | Atlanta History Center | Atlanta Engagement Photography

I love the way she calls him Chana. It’s a little ball of endearment coated in love. I ask Evy what it means, and she laughs, saying she doesn’t even know if she’s even pronouncing it correctly. She probably puts a Spanglish spin on this Hindi word– Chana. Chickpea. But it’s perfect just the way she says it.

Together, they share a love of fun and the brightest sense of humor. Just ask them the story of how they started dating. In Evy’s words, Our junior year, we had microbiology lab together, and it was then that Evy set a small portion of the lab on fire (literally). Her unintentional and mostly harmless act of arson caught Joseph’s eye, and he was compelled to ask her on a date, which turned into a few more dates, which turned into Evy asking Joseph if he’d be her boyfriend on Facebook. Spoiler alert: he would

Evy and Joe were amazingly generous to fly me to Atlanta to photograph their engagement session. We started at the Atlanta History Center– gorgeous location, by the way– and rounded off the session at Piedmont Park.

Springtime blooms everywhere!

Everyone loves Evy’s big owl eyes.

After an outfit change, we found some great little scenes at Piedmont Park. Evy + Joe, sitting in a tree… and the very cute decorations of a picnic.

Many thanks again for everything, Evy & Joe! I can’t wait to come to Arizona this June! It’ll surely be an amazing wedding weekend.