Stone Mountain & Rhodes Hall | Atlanta, Georgia

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The five days I spent in Atlanta felt like a month, in the most wonderful way. I have such amazing friends and clients and clients who are friends. We zig zagged across the city, and I got to ogle the stately mansions, explore all the most charming neighborhoods, walk through a graffiti tunnel, eat the best barbecue (Swallow at the Hollow in Rosswell), hike up a mountain, do a night shoot at 2am, and just bask in the warmth and humidity of Georgia with all the windows rolled down. And that’s not even half of what I did in Atlanta.

So here are a few photographs from my expeditions with my friends Liz and Grace. First, our hike up Stone Mountain, which is indeed a big mountain made of stone. Granite, actually.

They look remarkably gorgeous for having just hiked up this hill in 86 degree weather.

Below, Liz on the left, Grace on the right:

Grace and me, with Atlanta in the distance.

And me with Liz.

On the last day of my trip, Liz brought me to check out Rhodes Hall, or the “castle on Peachtree.” Liz looks glamorous in the back stairwell.

Just hanging out on the porch of my castle…

And after a quick photography lesson about shutter an aperture, Liz snapped a few of me!

Many thanks to everyone who played a part in my awesome Atlanta visit! I had an amazing time. I also snapped a few rolls of film, so in a couple weeks, you’ll get to see those too. And of course, the two engagement sessions I was in Atlanta to photograph! All things to look forward to.