Atlanta in B&W Film | Kodak 400CN | Shooting Film

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Shooting black and white film has a whole different feeling than color or even digital black and white. The image itself comes out wrapped in a thin blanket of nostalgia. And being committed to black and white for 36 frames at a time forces you to see the world in a different way, hyper aware of textures, patterns. It’s a quiet little perspective shift– one that takes some getting used to.

On Friday during my trip to Atlanta, I spent most of the day with my friend Liz. I’m extremely lucky to have such awesome friends who not only host and drive me around to great places, but also double as my models again and again. We started the day in Virginia Highlands at the corner store, we checked out Krog Street Tunnel, an underpass covered in graffiti, we headed to the very industrial-turned-hip Westside Urban Market, and we rounded off the afternoon at Liz’s coffeeshop where she works. All in all, a lovely Friday.

Liz at Belly General Store. Delicious and totally adorable.

Krog Street Tunnel.


Over to the Westside Urban Market.

Love the photo on the right below. Breathing in rosemary.

While Liz was working at the coffeeshop, I met one of her regulars, Rob Vil. He’s a filmmaker (Villain Pictures) who just created his latest feature, Life.Less.

And then our other friend Grace came to join us at the coffeeshop after work. I have such beautiful friends!

Last shot- with one Atlanta building just barely visible in the background.

Shoutout to Richard Photo Lab for processing and scanning all of these images. To see more photos from my Atlanta trip, check the related links below. More film (including color!) to come.