Hilary & Gabe’s Sample Album | Kiss Wedding Albums

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I just adopted a new product for my clients– a new type of wedding album. You might remember the original Laguna albums— and those are still available– but I have now added KISS albums to the mix. KISS is all about embracing the simple, but don’t let the simplicity deceive you. It’s perfect! It’s a gorgeous book with a beautiful, heavy weight to it. The books come with these great cloth cases.

Below, my 12″x12″ sample album along with the sample ring of the seven color options. I chose the black cover– a genuine leather cover with a nice thick padded heft to it.

Here is the first spread to Hilary & Gabe’s wedding.

A sample spread of the ceremony. I love the seamless gutter that allows you to run a photograph straight across the spread with no interruption.

I designed this entire album on KISS Wedding Books’ free online album designer called SWAT. I absolutely love it– it absolutely helps to keep the design process simple and headache-free. If you’re a photographer, you can go try it out now! Even if you don’t create albums with KISS, you can use SWAT to design your own books and export the designs.

The album has a heavy duty spine and wonderful thick pages.

I love the thickness of the covers.

And one last image, the book blending in with the coffee table books in our lobby.

This wedding album was produced by KISS Wedding Books, which works exclusively with professional photographers. I highly recommend them to other photographers who love the simple but beautiful approach. And definitely check out their free SWAT album designer.

As for my clients– I’m so excited to be creating more of these for you all! Two more books are already on the way. Contact me if you’d like to get yours started too.