Jenny & Kevin’s Wedding Albums | Kiss Wedding Albums


Hooray for more wedding albums! Jenny and Kevin’s albums arrived last week, and they are beautiful. Jenny and Kevin opted for twin 8×8″ albums, the small sized albums, and they will be gifting one to Kevin’s parents and keeping the other.

The first spread– the beloved fountain image!

Here is a reception details spread:

And probably the funniest spread with the very intense bouquet toss sequence:

All of the spreads were designed by me with Kiss Wedding Books’ SWAT designer. I love that tool and would definitely recommend it for other photographers!

The books are always framed by these beautiful black linen end pages.

For size comparison, here is a stack of the 12×12″ black leather book with the two 8×8″ brown leather books on top. Each book comes with a protective cloth cover.

One more side by side of the large 12″ book versus the small 8″ book:

And finally, Jenny and Kevin’s two albums, ready to be delivered to them!

I absolutely love seeing these wedding albums delivered in my mail! There is nothing quite like holding an heirloom quality book in this digital age. Clients past and present– if you’d like to create an album, email me today!