Deion’s Birthday | San Francisco Family Photography


Prepare yourselves for cuteness overload! I was invited to photograph little Deion’s second birthday party a couple weeks ago, and I had a great time wandering around with all the little toddlers. The birthday party was held at Joanna and Ray’s downtown San Francisco home with all these amazing views.

Joanna and Ray with the little star of the day.

On the right below, Ray’s family looking like they’re part of a lifestyle magazine ad.

Little boys with their motorcycles.

And the girls!

I love these sweet little moments… mothers and their boys.

It was really quite a feat to get them all in the same vicinity.

Deion’s working really hard to blow out that candle!

Hipster Deion and matching daddy, hahaha. And Elmo pinata!

Prunes falling from the sky!

And finally, Joanna’s family and one more of Deion’s “cheeese” face.

Thank you Joanna for having me over! And Happy Birthday again to Deion!

Blogstalkers– I’m currently blogging from the Oakland airport, about to head out to Chicago/Indiana/D.C. Hopefully I’ll still have time to keep up with blog updates, but if not, I promise there’s more to come soon! Til then.