Nogales & Tubac, Arizona in Film | Shooting Film

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Over two months and ten weddings have elapsed since I took these photos in Arizona, but I am finally getting around to sharing these little film gems. I will admit, it’s taken a while for me to catch up to myself. Between the travel and the back to back weddings and the countless hours spent working out of my own little apartment, it’s only beginning to sink in that I am a wedding photographer, I am a small business owner, and this is my real life.

Back in June, I traveled to southern Arizona for Evy & Joe’s amazing wedding weekend. Many thanks go to Gabriel Gastelum, friend and photographer extraordinaire, for showing me around his and Evy’s home town of Nogales in our time off!

Our friend Rebecca and Gabe with a mural painted by Evy & her mother outside their shop in Nogales.

I jump in for a photo with Rebecca.

Unfortunately, Tubac happened to be ablaze in forest fires that weekend… it was beautiful in a strange, sad way.

The next few images may look a bit familiar if you’ve seen Evy & Joe’s wedding post. These are the few film frames I shot at the Tubac Golf Resort during the day.

Finally, a set back at Evy’s amazing family home in Nogales.

Evy’s family threw a beautiful party at their home the day after the wedding. Too bad I had to fly back home that day!

I loved seeing this display come together– a collection of all the guests’ wedding portraits.

The amazing back patio.

Thanks again Evy for bringing me out to Arizona! It was so wonderful.

Technical note: almost all of the above images were shot on 35mm film and processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. I don’t remember which film. Two of them were digital!