Portland, Seattle, Vancouver | Cascadia Road Trip


A thousand miles, here we come. I will embarking on a week-long road trip with three friends: Howard, Vince, and Young from San Francisco up to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. We will be doing about 1-2 days in each city before we each fly out from Seattle on Friday. It was originally going to be a guys’ trip, but I crashed the party and invited myself along. Good times are bound to be had! I will do my best to report back on our adventures along the way.

To my dear, dear clients– I should still have internet access most of the trip, but responses may be a little slower than usual.

Off we go! See you all later!

P.S. Google maps is kind of an amazing tool for planning trips. We plotted all our points of interest, and it’s fully accessible from our smartphones. And it’s even color coded.

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